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 Our Terms Of Service

These Terms Of Service apply to all services, which are offered by SubdomainService. With the use of the services these Terms Of Service are recognized.

1. Performances
SubdomainService is endeavors the availability of the service approximately around the clock to ensure. Times, in those the Web server excluded due to technical or other problems, are of it which are not situated in the catchment area of SubdomainService (e.g. higher force, being to blame for third) over Internet not be attained can. A requirement on the constant availability of the service does not exist. The free services, as well as the support for these services occur on purely voluntary base. It does not insist a legal claim on it. Exclusions do not have to be justified and be able without previous information to take place. The user commits itself to offer or offer let no pornographic contents and no performances aligned to realization of profits, which have pornographic and/or erotic contents to the article. With offence SubdomainService is to be excluded entitled the user without previous information from the service.

2. Right third
The user insures expressly that the supply and publication of contents of the information stopped by it neither against German nor against of it if necessary a deviating right of domicile, in particular authors -, data security and competition right, offend. SubdomainService reserves itself, supplies, which appear contentwise precarious, without excluding previous announcement from the service. The same applies, if SubdomainService is requested by third page to modify or delete contents on the web pages, because they hurt allegedly other right. No obligation to check develops for SubdomainService. The user commits itself to exempt SubdomainService from all any requirements third which are based on illegal actions of the user or contentwise errors from this provided information. This applies in particular to authors -, to data security and competition law breakings.

3. Data security
The user has to give always truthful specification opposite SubdomainService. This applies in particular to the query of personal data. The user is obligates its acces identifiers and passwords secret to keep, so that third cannot receive an access to the system. The user agrees with the fact that personal data and other information, which concern its use behavior are stored by SubdomainService, as far as this is necessary for the fulfilment of the service purpose. SubdomainService is to be used entitled these data to the advertisement and market study for own purposes and to the advancement meeting demand of its services. SubdomainService will pass neither these data nor contents on of private messages without its agreement on third. This does not apply, when SubdomainService is legally obligated, to third, in particular national places only to that extent to reveal such data or so far internationally recognized technical standards this designates and the users does not contradict.

4. Permission of advertisement
The user permits expressly the insertion one or several advertising banners with the call to a not liable to pay the costs service of SubdomainService.

5. Limitation of liability
Responsible for contents of the pages the user is exclusive. Furthermore it explains itself in agreement with the fact that the use of the services takes place on its own danger. The user is responsible for any recourse to of the service, which takes place via its Username. With persons under age the education-entitled are responsible for the adherence to the contractual declaration/agreement. These conditions apply also to third supply. The services are furnished by SubdomainService without any warranty, as they are present up-to-date. An adhesion of SubdomainService for damage of all kinds is impossible.

The user may not create forwarding on pages, which illegal contents offend contained or against the good customs. A use or a mention of SubdomainService in this connection is also forbidden. For example the mention is not permitted by SubdomainService in Spams or the creation of a forwarding on pages with child pornography and is criminally pursued. With judgement from 12 May 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "adhesion for links" decided the regional court (LG) Hamburg that one by the mounting of a on the left of, which has to if necessary also answer for contents of the linked page. This can be prevented - so the LG - only by the fact that one dissociates oneself expressly from these contents.

SubdomainService dissociates itself expressly from all contents of all linked pages and does not make themselves these contents not own. This assertion applies to all links on the Internet page http://www.subdomainservice.com/ and all forwarded links through SubdomainService.

6. Other
Modifications and supplements of these conditions admits in writing given and are considered recognized as and obligatorily, if the user does not recall these modifications within four weeks. All assertions on the part of SubdomainService can be directed toward electronic way to the user. If a determination of these conditions should be ineffective or if these should contain a fill out-needy gap, then this does not touch the effectiveness of the remaining regulations. To the place the ineffective regulation or the gap steps the economic result of the declaration/agreement approximating regulation, which would have been agreed upon by the parties, if it had known the inefficacy of the regulation.

(This text was translated with Altavista Babelfish - http://babelfish.altavista.com)

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